After almost 14 years at Missouri Botanical Garden, Jo Batzer decided to take the part-time landscaping she’d been doing for years and make it her full-time passion. JB Design was created by combining an art background, floral design experience and horticulture knowledge into a unique recipe for creative, functional and unique garden spaces for clients.

As an honors art student in high school, Jo felt the natural path for her was in advertising or animation, so she majored in graphic art and design in college. After marriage and moving out of state to a small town, however, Jo started working in the floral business as a designer. “Floral design incorporated my love for plants and the design principles learned in college. After moving back to St. Louis, I felt horticulture was my true calling and went back to school and graduated with a second degree in horticulture from the well known St. Louis Community College-Meramec program.”

Jo began working full-time for Missouri Botanical Garden in 1997 doing GIS mapping and inventory. She started designing and taking on maintenance accounts part-time on weekends and evenings. Once the part-time work started expanding, Jo felt it was time to take it full-time. “The Garden is very much a part of me and always will be. St. Louis is fortunate to have a world renown botanical garden here along with its incredible staff and resources. I’m honored to have been a part of it and I still volunteer there as needed.”

Keeping her ties in the floral industry also, Jo has worked seasonally for an interior plant company since 1997, installing commercial holiday displays for malls, hotels and office buildings.

“Taking the leap to start my own business was a tough decision, but I feel like I’ve come full circle and that I am where I should be. It’s tough work that is not only physical, but requires a lot of dedication, self discipline and a lot of energy. The rewards so far have all been worth it. I love making people feel happy to come home to their own private space. We all need a private getaway from the workplace, traffic and stress of our hectic daily lives. Nature grounds us and relieves stress in so many ways. It is a necessity for a well balanced life-not just a luxury. Why not take that one step further and express yourself with your garden along with reaping the other benefits? It’s your space and it should reflect the owner, not the person designing it. I hope to achieve those goals with every client.” – Jo Batzer, JB Design

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